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My pretty new garden is ready to plant....this spring!!

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I just finished getting my new garden boxes filled with mushroom soil. I have 4 4' x 4' raised beds and the area above the concrete wall runs the entire 60' width of my backyard. the wall area will be for room hogs such as squash and pumpkins.

I have some rhubarb coming soon and I might do a small fall planting this weekend. Other then that I am concentrating my efforts and planning on this spring. I have started saving milk carton bottoms and various plastic containers to start seeds next year which will be a first for me. Both of my parents were the most amazing gardeners and I guess I am getting a late start. I am really looking forward to it though as I have not had a veggie garden for a few years now and have never been this serious about it. :)

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Nicely done and even less grass to mow!
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