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My son had a close call

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My son got to come home on leave, and we were all so happy about, since he was in training and couldn't make it to his sis's wedding last mo. When so many can't be home you don't know how grateful we were to have him with us....More so after telling us about his surviving a helicopter crash!! I understand this was an extreamly close call for all on board...Close enough that a small difference could have been fatal for so many...
The pilot has this mothers deepest gratitude, for going above the call in the most dire of situations....I will be forever grateful....
Even so that we were so lucky, our son is safe...and we were told well after things happened..the fear that went thru my heart is so very hard to explain, I still want to cry, hug him, and not let go...
Keep praying for our troops, and there families...those prayers mean a lot!!
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I am glad your son was ok and noone was hurt. I am also glad that your son was able to come home on leave to visit.
I bet it was a wonderful visit.

I will continue to pray for our troops.
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