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(The letter that will go out in my Christmas cards)

Thinking of you all ---

~ I’ve pondered my annual letter once again, the one that sometimes you receive and sometimes I just ponder. As is my usual coarse some of the things I am thankful for this year are ones that show up year after year and others are significant to this year and it’s events. They are in no particular order. All are important.
~ First I would like to say that for the most part it’s been a good year for us. We’ve been blessed with much. We’ve all stayed healthy other than the occasional cough and cold as has most of our family. Both of us are still employed and thankful of that on a daily basis in our current economy. I think often of those that have not been so lucky and I hope that soon things are in a better way fro everyone who is willing to work.
~ I am always thankful for my friends and family, both in real life and in the forums I participate in, and the support we give each other.
~ As hard as this was for me to come to terms with, especially as the holiday season is here, I am thankful my uncle is done suffering and has passed on. He will live on in our hearts and is missed very much. There is simply no more suffering for him.
~ I am thankful that we have enough to eat and have medical insurance.
~ I am thankful for our home and the haven it is for us.
~ I am thankful and proud of both of my brothers’ bravery, service, and dedication to our country even when I am very scared for them.
~ I am thankful for the dedication of all our service personnel in the armed forces, the fire department, the police department, and so on. I am especially thankful that I know personally of the dedication of several of the men that serve NYC as the recent possible threats there come to light once again. There is nothing that matters more to them than the job. They are determined to keep us safe.
~ I am thankful that they have remained safe so far.
~ I am thankful that my aunts condition has progressed from the violent, unpredictable one that it was to one that is more passive stage that has made it much easier for my uncle to continue to care for her at home.
~ I am thankful that both of our boys are compassionate, loving, well mannered, and do not yet carry any form of prejudice. I hope that they will be able to continue on this path as they grow.
~ I am thankful for my sister’s new job as I think she may have found her calling.
~ I am thankful for all the foster and adoptive families that have taken children into their home and showed them a new way of life, for all the dedicated staff that work with the abused, neglected, and traumatized, and show up day after day to keep giving to these kids even when their cup feels empty.
~ I am thankful for those children. Many of them have help to keep me grounded and taught me the resilience and strength of people. The trauma we can rebound from is overwhelming.
~ I am thankful for the reappearance of one of “mine” a few months back. I thought she was gone and we missed her. She has brought back light.
~ I am thankful for a mechanic and friend who barters.
~ I am thankful for my sister’s green thumb.
~ I am thankful for a new boss who will be dedicated and honest.
~ I am thankful for the knowledge my father takes every opportunity to pass on which has taken him a lifetime to gather.
~ I am thankful for my mother’s big heart and open arms.
~ I am thankful for my husband and ALL that he is. Most importantly though, I am thankful that when things got very sketchy this year he stuck with me and we worked through it. I don’t know what I would do without his smile to lift me up, his arms to keep me warm, his sense of fun to bring me out of my practicality, and love which supports me when things get rough.

I hope you all have as much to be thankful for!

Happy Thanksgiving All!!!!


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Great letter, Gwyn. I know I also have so much to be thankful for. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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