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My Total Money Makeover?

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Several of my co-workers have been doing Dave Ramsey's program. One for three months (and has two debts paid off already) and one for several years (with 5 years left to pay off their mortgage). I have been doing research to find out more about Dave Ramsey and have got my husband interested too. I found the online and am wondering if any of you have tried this. I like the online aspect, but am worried that it goes off in too many directions, taking away the simplicity of the program. Would this be a good tool for newbies?
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I assume you have to pay a membership fee to use it? We have been following his advice for over a year now.....and for free, by getting his books for the library, joining free forums such as this...used to watch his program on tv but it's gone now :(. I have found we haven't needed to spend $ to learn to handle our $. Some people need more 'involvement' to keep motivated and feel plugged into it, we found it likely would have been sort of a waste f $ for us. The info is out there, and people are happy to share it- for free.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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