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My Ultimate Goal

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Ever since I started deer hunting with my uncle around the age of 12 I have always wanted to own my own hunting property. Sure, hunting on someone else's land or on public land is still enjoyable and I can still kill deer, but I want to be able to have a herd of deer all to myself. I want to manage my own whitetail herd like a gardener manages a planting of vegetables. Like veggies, deer don't need human interference to grow, but I can influence how healthy the population is by putting in some effort to improve their habitat. I could cut some timber to make a thicker and safer bedding area. I could plant some oak trees and some clover to improve their diet. I could even put in a pond to give them something to drink from. All of this will make the carrying capacity of the land higher, which means more deer for me to hunt. It also means bigger healthier deer and a healthier environment overall.

Hunting isn't the only thing that I could use land for. I could plant a big garden, raise chickens and of course build a home and start a family.

This is my main goal right now. I want to own at least 100 acres of land preferably in Ohio or at least a surrounding state. I have done my homework and found that it will cost at least $1000/acre, so I will need to save a lot of money before I can make a purchase.

Right now I have a few thousand dollars saved up and I'm in the process of saving more, little by little. My expenses are very low right now since I'm living in a pretty cheap apartment with 2 other roommates, but I also only work part time so I'm not taking in a lot of money. Right now I'm looking for another job which would give me a big boost of income, all of which would probably go towards the future property. If I can find another job then things will really start to look promising after a few years and I think I could realistically buy some land within the next 5-10 years. And I'm only 19 so that looks very good at this point. :thumb:
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Keep working toward your goal. Sounds like you have a plan and have really thought this through.

I'm going to show my 19-year-old son your post. Maybe it will motivate him.

I wish you the very best!
How's it going? It's a wonderful plan. Just take it 1 step at a time.
You could also add a salt lick to attract & keep the deer in the yard.
Putting more deer in the same space actually makes a herd less healthy due to things like CWD and other diseases. Also, they're not in herds all year, usually. In the summer they're usually in small groups and don't yard up until early winter. And they don't stay in one place, either, they wander over a wide range so wouldn't stay on your land.

They'll also eat your apple trees, flowers, vegetable buds, fruit bushes, strawberries, and loads of other plants you want to grow for yourself. Buy lots of tall fencing.

The other plans for your land sound great. There's nothing like living in the country where you can do as you like and enjoy your surroundings. Good luck! It sounds like you have a good start on your future plans.
How's it going? It's a wonderful plan. Just take it 1 step at a time.
You could also add a salt lick to attract deer to visit your yard.
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