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my very unfrugal day

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i spent almost $400.00 today. i was on my way to the doctor to have my blood pressure checked and go a soooooooo mad. the town next to me was doing fund raising aka safty stop by the local dmv. I didnt have inspection stickers on my lisence plate but i have a huge blue one on my windshield. but that was not good enough and to top it off the mayor of Metuchen, NJ has the opnion i feel im above the law.. there is his response to my email and below is what i wrote.

Dear Ms.Woods:

You encountered a DMV traffic stop that rotates around the county checking on the proper registration of vehicles. I am sure that you would be upset if you were in an accident with a vehicle either improperly registered or insured and could not recover your damages. Stops like this insure that all vehicles are properly registered. Your snide reference to "fundraising" just indicates to me that you believe that you are above the law and not be subject to vehicle registration procedures. I hope that you will continue to patronize Metuchen but be assured that we will enforce the law fairly.

Ed O'Brien

[email protected] wrote:
IM writing to let you know how unhappy I am about what happened to me today. It has upset me so much I will no longer patronize downtown metuchen.

Today 4/17 I was on my way to the doctors office, metuchen heart associates, to have my blood pressure monitored. As I passed cryans I encountered a traffic/police road block. My first thought was "something must have happened" but as I got closer I realized your fine police staff was fund raising. I wondered what excuse was being used to pull this off and then I was asked to pull over. Of course I didn't know why I was being stopped had my seat belt on and current inspection sticker in the window. finally an officer to me I didn't have an inspection sticker on my license plate. It made me think, 6 to 10 officers fund raising and lots of cars backed up. Metuchen must not have any crime and are free to pursue us law abiding citizens.
To make a long story short IM out $44.00 and my long term like of metuchen.

So because of police fund raising the hard working store owners have lost my business and that of my friends and family..I will tell anyone who will listen to avoid the town at all costs. IM very; unhappy right now used to love to stop downtown park my car and visit the shoe maker, bake shop, boyds, mellings, the book store and the other fine shops.

I will no longer visit these shops and am sure the owners will miss my $44.00 X10. I used shop downtown once a month, more in warmer weather. That habit will stop,, i will not shop in a town where i have to worry about being pulled over for a non-safty issue.

Diana wood

here is my response to his "nice" email
I do not think I am above the law and I do have valid insurance and registration have not encountered this type of stop before and I have been driving for 20 years And the money goes to metuchen and not the state. My not having the stickers on my plate resulted from a very stressful and difficult time in my life..they were in my glove compartment and the officer would not accept them. As I stated this is simply fund raising and I was not being snide. I truly believe this is a way of getting money in a time where all towns are short of money. It was the metuchen police force which stopped me and I was on my way to have my blood pressure checked. Which didn't help as it was elevated.

To close I will no longer stop, shop and will avoid driving through Metuchen..I am not the only person who has had this problem. Please feel free to check my driving record. You will find I have never received a speeding or parking ticket in your town, never received a point and have been driving twenty years. This means I take the driving laws very seriously and know they are designed to insure public safety. I fail to see how ticketing a driver who has valid insurance, registration and license will insure public safety.

do u guys think i was out of line? or is this guy a jerk and only interested in money..this is my first encounter with a public offical and hopully my last..

oh and the rest of the money was spent on eyeglasses..i now need bi lenses were 264 but that doesnt upset me.As i need them and tend not to need new glasses for 2 or 3yrs.

ok now i feel better...i was just so mad..but the guy next to me didnt have his seat belt on and couldnt find his registration so they must have really nailed him..

ok ladies u have been warned..stay out of Metuchen NJ. i know one lady is from my area so maybe i can save her some money
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Oh I loved that! You are almost as awesome with that type of letter as my sister. The two of you together could rule the world! Especially metuchen!
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