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Subject: Natural cure #5: Kidney Stones
Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2003 09:49:10 -0700

Overlooked Cures

Millions suffer from health problems that can be inexpensively remedied by
nutritional therapies. The problem is that these nutritional cures are not put
into practice by modern medicine. Health journalist Bill Sardi reveals
nutritional or simple practical cures for ten different health conditions,
complete with references from the National Library of Medicine, in his latest
series of health tips.

Today's topic: Kidney Stones and Rice Bran Extract.

Visit for other overlooked cures.

Kidney Stones and Rice Bran Extract

About 500,000 Americans suffer from kidney stones each year. Some of the
high-technology methods utilized to eradicate kidney stones are "extracorporeal
shock wave lithotripsy" (shattering a stone with a shock wave produced outside
the human body); Retrograde intrarenal surgery which inserts a scope into the
bladder and ureters leading to the kidney to crush or evaporate the stones; PNL
(percutaneous nephrolithotripsy) removes large stones by puncturing the kidney
through the skin; and open surgery under anesthesia to remove stones. These all
seem like harsh methods of stone removal compared to a proven natural remedy
that is entirely overlooked by both conventional and alternative medicine.

It has been known for some time that adults who consume more whole grains that
provide a calcium-chelating (removing) molecule called phytic acid have fewer
kidney stones. [Scandinavian J Urology Nephrology 34: 162-64, 2000] In a
published report entitled "Phytic acid is a powerful agent for preventing
calcifications in biological fluids: usefulness in kidney stone treatment,"
researchers in Spain point out that test-tube studies, lab dish studies and
human experiments "demonstrate that phytic acid plays an important role as a
crystallization inhibitor of calcium salts in biological fluids and becomes a
clear alternative

in the treatment of calcium oxalate kidney stones." [Anticancer Research 19:
3717-22, 1999; Archives Esp Urology 52: 94-99, 1999; Scandinavian J Urology
Nephrology 32: 261-65, 1998] The effectiveness of phytic acid in clearing kidney
stones has been known since 1996. [Nephron 73: 561-68, 1996]

Phytic acid (inositol hexaphosphate) is sold in health food stores as IP6 from
rice bran and about 3000 milligrams taken daily with water only on an empty
stomach would be recommended to kidney stone formers (plain rice bran doesn’t

work). IP6 phytic acid dissolves these calcium stones and eliminates the need
for expensive and more invasive procedures.

Copyright 2003 Bill Sardi. Single copy duplication for personal use is
permitted. The information in this report is for information purposes only.
Other sources of information should be pursued before altering dietary or health
regimens. The health claims made for dietary supplements and other natural
remedies in this report are not those of the manufacturers of these products.
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