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Well, the old 'accordian' coupon holder has finally had it, and as I got far more into coupons in 2011 I have decided to go to the coupon binder. Just bought my 3 inch 3 ring binder and tab inserts for labeling sections to go into need to decide which 'holder' inserts to buy. I know I'll need different sizes, but would like some advice from other couponers who have binders as to what sizes are most useful. 8? 9? 6? 3? I am thinking some 3's for larger sized coupons, but so you find the 5,6,8 or 9's to be what you use most often, for 'regular' sized coupons? TIA! Any good sources to buy these online, besides eBay? Where are they cheapest?

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Don't Lose It​

I lost mine months ago and haven't been able to locate it.... I even went back to the stores I frequent and asked if they had lost and found... no luck.

I used plastic collector card pages and used mostly 9- slots. I tended to organize by expiration date so each page was a new month. If there were a lot for a month I would sort through and do first half and end of month categories. Many of my coupons were folded to fit though.... that was the downside.

I also liked the 3 and 4 - slot style. I didn't use them as often but they came in handy and IF I redo my book... I'll probably try them with a category per slot.

BJ's sends out full page booklets that would offer coupons for $5-10 dollars off if I purchased 5-10 items from a distributor company... so it could include Pillsbury, Bisquick, juices, breakfast bars, etc. I would put these pages in full size sheet protectors because I needed the page to look at when I shopped those items.

I also had a pencil case and kept small scissors, pen/pencil, highlighters, and had a small calculator in there at one time for easy use.

I miss my binder. I kept a copy of my weekly schedule and price book notes in there as well and had a copy of my grocery list/menu plan in the front cover protector.

Have fun trying different things, it is a nice way to make the frugal coupon chore more like a hobby. :)

Oh, I found the divided protector sheets at a commercial flea market stand. Comic book stores would carry them but you could probably do better price wise online.
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