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Need Help with an RAOK project with a 12/11 deadline!

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Over Thanksgiving, my mom asked for a special gift for her birthday (coming up December 11th). She asked my sisters and I to complete 69 Random Acts of Kindness before her 69th birthday.

She got the idea from a friend of hers who saw this blog:
Blog Archive How I Celebrated My Birthday (aka 38 Random Acts of Robyn)

I could do a whole upsetting post about my sisters pathetic response to this request, but I won't! My husband and I decided we'd have to do it on our own, but over the last week we've only managed about 12 so far!

69 Random Act of Kindness is ALOT to complete in December, and I am hoping for some help!

Would you and your kids be willing to do a few random acts of kindness in honor of my mom, Penny, and drop me an e-mail telling me about it, or better yet - send me a picture I could include in a little album of the 69 ROAKs? There are alot of ideas on the blog post link above, and you probably have plans of doing something nice this time of year anyways.

I'd appreciate the help, and I know my mom would be really touched. You can post them here, or send me a PM and I can provide my e-mail address if you want to send a picture.

Thanks so much!
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i dont know if this qualifies for your list but today while walking at mall i popped into yankee candle store with a 10 off 25$ coupon didnt see anything i wanted to spend 15$ on enough to do it so i left it sitting on a display of holiday candles - peeked back on my way out saw a young woman come upon it and say " i just hit the candle lottery" lol
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