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I am almost done with planning our activities for the summer, but really could use some preschool art and crafts ideas. If you know of any good ideas...please post them or link directly to a fun craft.

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What sort of crafts are you looking for Sara?

I have seen loads on-line in my travels but I don't have them saved so I'd have to seach again.

I can do it but do you have any ideas of the kind of things you might be looking for?

Here is a list of Toddler activities I found - It's not really crafts (so I know it's not exactly what you're asking!) but I thought it might come in handy if you start running out of ideas?

Doesn't hurt to post it anyway ;)

Let me know what you want and I'll go searching again (although I surpose you've already done that?)

I'm not being very helpful am I? - Sorry!

Here's the list anyway.

Things to do with toddlers - By Lydia Munyard

Finger painting
Playing with play dough
Biscuit baking
Icing biscuits
Cooking of any kind
Colour sorting with Lego
Dancing and Singing to music
Colouring and drawing of any kind
Blowing bubbles
Hide and Seek
Playing in the Sand box
Cutting and Tearing
Bag in a Basket
Playing Ball
Instrument playing
Playing "Somebody's coming" and hiding
Feeding the birds
Playing house
Collecting things
Building blocks
Dressing up
Peek a Boo
Tea Parties
Playing with water
Sleeping animal
Row your boat
Throwing up in the air
Chasing around the house
Playing dolls
Hungry frogs
Making cities
Playing animals
Picking flowers
Playing babies
Tearing, scrunching, cutting paper
Playing in the garden
Playing with pots and pans
Playing shops
Pretending to talk on the telephone
Talk about the day before going to bed, try get thing in sequence, talk about tomorrow and what you plan to do.
Talk about things while you do them, explain what you are doing and why. i.e. "lets put on your shoes, left foot first, now the other leg. This foot is your right foot, Which hand is your right hand?" and on and on.
Play "What If" - What if the sky was green and the grass and trees were blue? What if we all walked backwards? ...
Feeling - put some things in a box with tissue paper or crepe paper and try and feel what they are.
have a picnic in the lounge, or in the garden.
collect and listen to well constructed Christian music for toddlers.
give name to all the cuddly toys (write the names down somewhere so you dont forget years later)
Throw bean bags with different hands crossing mid line of their bodies.
Picking up objects with a clothes peg.

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My son is out of school as of today. (preschooler almost 4 yrs old)I have some things planned, so he keeps a little consistency with how his school days were. (he has a very difficult time with transition) I have tons of worksheets, games, fine motor, gross motor type "things" to do. I have themes and books with activities to do along with the books we read, but I still need small and simple crafts. Like something that takes no longer than 15 minutes or so to create.
Ex: things to cut out and glue

Some can just be free art days where he colors his coloring books or paints, uses bingo markers, but I'd like some actual crafts too.

Ex: macaroni necklaces
Paper plate crafts
Coffee filter crafts

Thanks for the list. :) It has a lot of things to do. I like the clothespin idea. I haven't done that ever. It's good to see a nice list because there are things I definitely overlooked.
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