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need tips please for getting work at a hospital with no degree

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I may be moving. I have no car so I am looking at working at a hospital down the street. I have no experience nor degree. Would it be possible to still be hired at a hospital? TY
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If there are openings, you should be able to get housekeeping or cafeteria work, but it may be part time. Office work generally requires a college degree of some sort.

As for the credit check, there are several reasons. Ranging from the mindset that late on bills = late to work, or that if you're in debt, you might steal from patients or the hospital. I know some states are trying to ban pre-employment credit checks.

If you get an interview and make it to the credit check stage, you might try to explain your credit report. "My credit isn't great, like many others in this economy, I lost my job, and fell behind. I really need this job because of that, not in spite of it." Or something to that effect. I'd be upfront instead of leaving them to draw their own conclusions from information that's none of their business anyway.
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