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new update on sons' apartment renovation

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I have added a few photos to the album.

There are a few of the kitchen and how it is progressing and a couple taken from the front balcony of the apartment showing the street they will be living on.
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Thanks Darlene for your kind comment.

They have been working so incredibly hard.
They have had one really good piece of good luck. One of their friends is a licensed electrician. He has completely re-wired the entire house and put in new groups etc. for nothing except the price of the materials he had to use. Such a nice thing to do AND he has been helping with other stuff as well.

They hope to be finished and moved within 2 weeks.
That's coming together nicely! I love the wood floor.

I recently had the opportunity to put together an Ikea base cabinet..... never again or again with whiskey!

More power to them!
It is indeed a lot of work to put an Ikea kitchen together but they are doing it together with a friend and they are loving the precision work.
The only thing is that it is taking a LONG time.

I have to admit that there is always beer present when they are doing it.

My dh laid the wood floor.
One of the other rooms and the kitchen floor has also been laid (by dh). Just the hall, sitting room and 1 bedroom to go.

When everything is finished I promise to make 'final' (after) photos.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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