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I picked these questions up from the pinned post...

  • How did you hear about Frugal Village?
    • I am an admin on another Vertical Scope forum, and was perusing the list... and here I am.
  • What interests you here?
    • My parents were both children of the Great Depression. I was taught frugality from an early age. I learned it much later.
  • What will you contribute?
    • I don't know.
  • Do you know any other members here?
    • I don't know.
  • How many kids? Ages?
    • One daughter. She's been married a bit more than two years now.
  • Tell us about yourself.
    • I'm answering these questions. :)
  • Do you own any pets?
    • One small dog: Thor, The Mighty Dog of Thunder.
  • Occupation?
    • IT Software Program Manager and Team Lead
  • Married or single?
    • Married more than 30 years.
  • Interests and hobbies?
    • Music - I play a little guitar and sing. I've played around with keyboards and brass instruments over the years.
    • Firearms - concealed carry, target shooting, trap shooting, hunting

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Welcome to the village. ☕
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