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Hello All,
Just wanted to say hi. I used to be on DR's TMMO forums for a little while. I've got a mountain of a house payment (my choice, even after DR) and a student loan I'm working on killing this year.

Look forward to getting encouragement and knocking out this debt so I can start paying myself :)


How did you hear about frugal village?
I googled "Dave Ramsey forums"

What interests you here?
People who can help motivate me to get and stay out of debt

What will you contribute?
Anything I can do to help. I'm going to start preparing taxes this season, so maybe I can answer some tax questions soon

Do you know any other members here?
I seem to recognize some names from the TMMO forums, which makes me a little nervous ;)

How many kids? Ages?

Tell us about yourself.
I love Jesus, music, and my wife. Life's pretty grand right now :)

Do you own any pets?
Chocolate lab/Golden Retriever mix. Her name is Maeberry.

Video conference technician at a large software Corp. in WA. Changing careers as I build up my tax practice

Married or single?
Married!!! :D

Interests and hobbies?
See "tell us about yourself"
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:welcome: to frugal village.
Aloha and welcome from Hawaii!!
Welcome to Frugal Village!
Welcome from Texas!
Hi and welcome from Minnesota! :wave2:
Welcome! I hope you enjoy it here! It's a great place for advice and support!
Thanks all for the warm welcome. Quick question, where would be the best place to post my budget?

Welcome Jacob. I would post your budget in the general forum of Money management. Debt Reduction & Money Management - Frugal Village Forums
Hi and Welcome!
Hey there Jake. Welcome to Frugal Villiage! :apple:
:welcome2: Glad you have joined us.
Hi and welcome!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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