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Newest Tutorial - making Mini Scrapbooks

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Newest tutorial has been posted. It is about making mini scrapbooks. I have tons and tons of pics that i take and they don't ever seem to get scrapbooked. So I thought that mini scrapbooks that could be used per theme would be the answer. I can have a book for all the little cropped pics of vacations, a little one for cropped pics of the kids, pets and so on. Or I can give them to the kids to have their own little scrapbooks later on. They'll make great gifts I think.

These little book measure only about 3 inches square, but will hold about 16 cropped pics each. Not too bad, huh?

If you have any questions, please feel free to post them in this thread. I tried my best to be as clear as possible with my directions, and tried to post as many pics to clarify my explainations as I could.

I would love to see scans or pics of the ones ya'll do, if you choose to do them :D
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Looks good to me! I think I will give it a try! :)
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