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Non food cost big bucks!

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I am reading a book Cut your Bills in Half I got it at the second hand store.
Grocery stores mark up nonfood items to compensate for low food prices. They suggest buying these at the discount store.
Here is the list:
Brushes, Paper napkins, Shampoo, dish detergent, tissue, garbage bags,
toilet paper, Laundry soap and toothpaste.

What are some thing's you've found cheaper at the discount store?
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I use CVS for the extra stuff I need in my home. While it is true you may have to buy somethings you have no use for ..... someone will use them. I just took 10 bottles of dawn dishsoap to the women and children's homeless shelter. I will never use all of that and they will. I have also donated hairdye, kotex and makeup to that shelter as well as the battered women's shelter. Alot of times I get these things free by using the extra care bucks and coupons. I not only reduced my budget I am helping others. What a privilege!!

Truth is it does take time and I now consider it a bit of a hobby. Others are catching on to what I am doing though and I find in my mailbox coupons and sales fliers. Now if the coupons would only come clipped out....hmmm.:lemon:
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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