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Non food cost big bucks!

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I am reading a book Cut your Bills in Half I got it at the second hand store.
Grocery stores mark up nonfood items to compensate for low food prices. They suggest buying these at the discount store.
Here is the list:
Brushes, Paper napkins, Shampoo, dish detergent, tissue, garbage bags,
toilet paper, Laundry soap and toothpaste.

What are some thing's you've found cheaper at the discount store?
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I would also add to watch the after holiday clearance sales at stores like Walmart and Target. Here are some recent examples:

After Christmas I went to Walmart and bought some of those gift basket set of bath and body products. A basket that was normally $14-$15 was 75% off. I bought two large ones which not only stocked me with body spray and matching bath products but also two beautiful baskets which I now use in my kitchen. They were about $3.50 each for 10+ products and the basket.

Today I went to Target looking for the after Valentines Day sale. I found these boxes of the treats my cats like. The cheapest I have found them is for $1.47 at Walmart. But apparently for Valentine's Day they had a box of them packaged for the holiday. After the clearance that was $2.50 for a set of five packs. That works out to $0.50 a bag! And they are good for a year. So I bought five boxes which is 25 bags of treats for my cats for $12.50.

Today at Target I also found some smaller bottles of vanilla shower gel that are normally in the $1 section for 75% off. They are about 6 ounces or so but were only $0.25 each! I bought the last five bottles they had. I always look for these deals and put them in a basket in my guest bathroom, so when I have guests they have bath products if they forgot theirs.

I always scour all the clearances at Walmart and Target. Sometimes you can find some awesome deals!
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