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Non food cost big bucks!

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I am reading a book Cut your Bills in Half I got it at the second hand store.
Grocery stores mark up nonfood items to compensate for low food prices. They suggest buying these at the discount store.
Here is the list:
Brushes, Paper napkins, Shampoo, dish detergent, tissue, garbage bags,
toilet paper, Laundry soap and toothpaste.

What are some thing's you've found cheaper at the discount store?
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I get most of my kids school supplies at the dollar store. The only exception is Walmart's back to school sale. At that time things like lined paper and pencil crayons are cheaper at Walmart. For the rest of theyear, though, you can't beat the Dollarama. (Our version of the Dollar Tree).

I also use the dollar store for lots of small gift ideas and scrapbooking supplies. They are about a tenth of the price of craft stores for that stuff.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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