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:nrant:Does anyone on fv use norton on line protection for viruses security.My daughter went on line on my computer and and it was suppose be put on my computer for $49.99 a year i paid with cc and done paid the bill before i found out that it wasn't put on.They gave my daughter the code numbers the first time and now they are saying they don't match nothing.So had a viruse had go walmart get norton 360 and it cost $75.78.So i am very upset with them but learned my lesson do not order from them on line. :nrant:
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I hate Norton, it leaves too big of a footprint and can slow down computer usage. I have AVG right now and I am pretty satisfied with it. Remember not to always listen to the geeks, if they are with a company they sometimes have contracts with these anti-virus companies and will push those products on you. Just do some research about the software, see what people are saying and what the file size is.
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