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SD 1 has a serious attitude problem. It's been getting worse, the more her mother has come to realize that the man she left because he didn't have the money she wanted is moving on. And he loves me, and he's happy.

Let me say first of all that I did NOT break up their marriage. It ended when I was 15 years old. I'm 29 now. In the three years I've been with this man, we've seen his daughters 3-4 times. Babymama actually had the nerve to get upset because I have a son (she wanted to bear the chosen one, but you have to keep your vows to do that...), and she was upset at my SO's move to independence; this woman had him so depressed and guilty over what SHE did to him (cheating multiple times with multiple men, fraud, paternal alienation), that he lived with his parents so he could send her any dollar amount she asked for on top of child support.

Every person that knows my SO HATES his first wife.

Things fell apart this past summer when SD 1 took her attitude to another level. She came up here because I guess she didn't want to do something that her mother wanted her to do. So she came up here, ate us out of house and home (due to child support and taxes, my family of 3 lives off of $19K where one person needs about $30k to live. We qualify for NOTHING...we just do without and struggle), screwed up our internet chatting on questionable places to questionable boys, refused to eat or talk to anyone but her little brother...then she left on Father's Day morning to go where people could spend money on her. I was furious and hurt watching her father say good-bye with tears in his eyes. This girl is the mirror image of her mother, she thinks people exist to do for and buy for her.

I'm sorry, but I don't feel this is "being a teenager", teens do what you allow them to do, and I was not raised like that...nor were any of my friends. If teens of this generation are selfish it's because we allow them to be that way.

Moving on with the story, she goes up to her aunt's so they can go to the mall (because Daddy's peniless trying to literally support 6 people, 2 families, and we can't stay in the mall like that little girl), and she meets a mutual friend of mine and my SO. This woman is a good friend of mine, and also my SO's ex...the one he dated before me. I have no problems with this, she's his friend and mine and we look out for each other. Well SD1 gets nasty with this woman for no reason, and it really put her out. She sent us an email. Dad gets on the phone with SD 1 and asks her what she thought she was doing. SD 1 hangs up the phone. I then step in (because I'm tired of watching dad's pain, Babymama literally disenfranchises him as a dad but keeps demanding that money...I can't WAIT to see what she does when the child support stops and she cannot pay her rent anymore), and ask SD 1 not to disrespect her father. She proceeds to flip out over the phone in a WALMART of all places (but she's so mature, you see and needs to be respected...whatever). Her mother feels I needed to be respectful of this child (who has never respected me), and that she needed to be protected from me.

I was accused of calling this girl a b*tch. I did not, though my soon-to-be mother-in-law says she is, she's rude, mean, promniscuous, will defy you to your face and then go cry to mommy when you put her in check...she's completely alienated her father's family. She posts pictures of her chest and abdomen on facebook, she curses thinking that makes her grown. In short, I can't see myself liking her at all anymore. She owes a lot of people apologies, but her mother coaches her behavior. Her sister is nothing like her.

Every year at Christmas we do without for the kids. Gifts came late this year, because I'm sorry but food and shelter come first. SO sent his girls a text saying the gifts were on their way and that he loved them (mind you, I picked the gifts out and really didn't want to give SD 1 anything...and won't this year if her attitude doesn't is worth more than money, she'll see that when her mother runs out of child support and the eating out, American Idol trips and designer clothes stop). SD 2 says thank you, SD 1 says "I'm in class". Now, if it were one of those crunking, pencil-headed boys she posts shirtless pictures of on her FB profile, she'd talk to them in class.

I'm just really sick of her. I feel like she's being told that I am ruining her relationship with her dad, and her mother is the victim. But I really want her to know that it was her mom who ended the relationship. I mean how dense is the girl? My son is not her only brother, and that other boy has another father...that kid is like, 9. Do the math! Ugh. I just don't like her, and I don't like the way she treats my SO. I try to not say anything anymore and just keep a distance, but I really wish someone would tell the girl the truth and let her chew on that for a while. I know she's supposed to be delicate in this situation, but you know what? My dad cheated on my mom, let the woman he did it with watch me for years, had a child, didn't say anything until the child was 3 months old...expected me to just accept the situation (which I did with more grace than I was ever given credit for until my dad died)...he then had another one who I didn't meet until he was FIVE, and this was months before Daddy died. I have never treated my brothers as anything other than my brothers, and though me and my stepmom bumped heads, we were a family. I even talk to the mother of my youngest brother, and send him gifts when I can. Those kids didn't ask to be concieved, and Daddy's dead, so why hate? I cannot and do not accept the behavior of this spoiled little girl.

My mom got no child support, it was 12 years before I got a moment alone with my dad after my first younger brother was born. At times I had family railing at me on all sides because of the depression I developed from my fracutured situation....and I never acted like this girl, let alone have the privileged life she does. I feel she should know where that life comes from, and to better respect the one who sacrifices so much to provide it. And she doesn't have to like me, but respect me when you're in my house. Is that too much to ask?
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