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For those who wish to document the costs of the meals they serve. Prices may differ from region to region but what a great way to see the cost breakdown of fellow Villagers. I look forward to seeing the cost breakdown for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. I think there will be a lot of low cost leftover meals. :D

Join in anytime. We'll post a new thread for December.


Nov 4th
Breakfast-Omlets for 3 (DH and DS didn't eat)
4 eggs $.068
Leftover veggies and meat (red pepper, onions, tomatoes, green onions, and taco chicken from the tacos Tuesday night)-free for this meal
2 slices of cheese $0.15

Lunch-making quasodillas (I know I butchered the spelling)
6 Tortillas-$0.60
Left over meat and veggies-free

Snack-left over muffins from yesterdays breakfast

Dinner-crusted baked chicken breast, lima beans, and rice.
3 chicken breasts-$3.
Lima beans (frozen)-$1.
Rice (box)-$0.50
Butter for limas-$0.09
Crusted seasoning $0.50
pitcher of tea -$0.30

Daily total=$8.45
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Thank you, Ceashels! I guess I won't post mine since you did, but I will try to come back daily and post! Can't wait to see everyone elses.
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I had posted this in the original thread Lindsey started. This is a corrected version, as my estimates on the soup ingredients were way off. The original recipe was in grams, and I have ways of measuring in grams/ml and so I did. Both items I used the end of an old pkg and part of a new and so didn't think much about it.

Breakfast: coffee and toast
coffee costs us $10.95/wk [$1.57/daily]
bread costs of $3.98/loaf and we use 2 loaves a week [$1.14/daily]

Breakfast total = $2.71

Lunch: carrot soup w/lentils & cumin, chix broth:
carrots $1/lb, use 1.3 lbs [$1.33]
chicken broth $1.50/qt use approx 1 qt [$1.50]
lentils & cumin from stockpile "free"

Lunch total = $2.83

LO soup (if available) (it is!)
hamburger, 2 patties [$3.32]
salad bag spinach use 1/2 bag [.50]
tomato = free, picked green from this year's garden
salad dressing from stockpile, "free"
For dessert we've got cookies ($1.50/pkg), coffee cake ($3.50/pkg), ice cream ($6? dunno, DH bought it, it's his addiction!) Figure if we have it, we'll use $1 per person of the dessert stuff.

Dinner total = 5.82

Snacks are our downfall around here, as we both work at home. It's nearly impossible to not "nibble" during the day, so I'll add another "dessert" for $2

Today's Total= $13.36 2 adults, NH

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Okay, little over today.

Nov. 5

Breakfast for 5; pancakes.
$0.32 eggs
$0.44 mix
$0.99 orange juice
$1.75 total

Lunch or 5; leftovers from last night and Tuesday (crusted chicken and tacos).

Dinner for 5;corn beef, boiled red potatos, and boiled cabbage.
$6.97 corn beef
$1.20 red potatos
$0.59 cabbage
$0.09 butter
$0.30 pitcher of tea
$9.15 total

Daily total: $10.90

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Well, I went to Poland today and spent about 7Euros on food. DH, DS, and DDs were home though.

Breakfast, leftover waffles we had last Sat. and I froze

Lunch, corn beef leftovers from last night

Dinner, frozen pizza
$4.50 frozen pizza

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Nov. 6th

"free" from when we have already made them and I froze the leftovers.

Leftovers "free"

Dinner, chicken and yellow rice with broccoli
$2.00 chicken
$1.50 yellow rice
$0.00 broccoli was free

$1.00 clemtines

Daily total=$4.50

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Nov 7th

Brunch, waffles
$1.00 Waffles and syrup
$1.00 Orage juice

$1.00 clemetines

Dinner, bacon, eggs and hashbrowns
$2.50 Bacon
$1.00 hashbrowns
Free for the eggs

Daily total=$6.50
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