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now I am on the hunt for underwear patterns

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anyone have any suggestions of good patterns. I am thinking of making some bras or something. I don't have any that fit!!!

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Yep, I have used Kwik Sew patterns for panties and they come out great. I know they have patterns for bras too.
ahhh kwik sew. I knew I had seen patterns somewhere.


Here's a link to a dollmaker that also has tutorials for undies.
At the very bottom you'll find "brassiere"
This link is to the site map.

I have some graphic files of panties patterns,no instructions, also a .pdf of boxers. Link to men's bikini, thong patterns and A bra pattern drafting site that has pictures, but is in Russian.
Let me know if you're interested in any of these, I'll be glad to send.
Newbie here, Joanna
Here is one site someone recommended to me highly:

I have it planned to make some but they are a little lower on the list than some others. They have patterns on the site too, and people rave about the Elan brand bra patterns.
great thanks!!!

found some great material in my stash so here we go!!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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