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Oatmeal cookie help.

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I have a recurring issue with baking oatmeal cookies (or any 'chewy' cookie, in fact). The underside of these cookies occasionally seem slightly underdone, as though they are - in parts - still a little wet, even after they have cooled. Is this just a case of me taking them out of the oven too soon? :dunce:

I follow the temperature guidelines of any recipe I follow, I preheat the oven appropriately and stick to the recommended timings and often I leave them in longer if I fear they will have this uncooked rawness. I can't quite figure out what I am doing wrong :(. If anyone could help me work this out I would be forever grateful! :)
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Do you use an insulated baking pan? I had the same issue when I tried using one of those.

I wonder, too, if maybe humidity is an issue? Sugar draws moisture out of the air and that can result in a wetter looking cookie. Too, I think sometimes if I overbeat my sugar with my butter, I end up with a greasier/wetter looking cookie.
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