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Odd city/town names

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Aces of Diamonds, Florida
Fearnot, Pennsylvania
Normal, Illinois
Assawoman, Virginia
Fifty-Six, Arkansas
Odd, West Virginia
Bald Head, Maine
Forks of Salmon, California
Ogle, Kentucky
Beetown, Wisconsin
Fort Dick, California
Okay, Oklahoma
Belcher, New York
Frankenstein, Missouri
Panic, Pennsylvania
Ben Hur, Texas
Footville, Wisconsin
Peculiar, Missouri
Big Foot, Illinois
Gaylordsville, Connecticut
Plain City, Utah
Big Sandy, Wyoming
Gay Mills, Wisconsin
Porkey, Pennsylvanania
Blueballs, Pennsylvania
Gun Barrel City, Texas
Quiggleville, Pennsylvania
Boring, Maryland
Hell, Michigan
Rambo Riviera, Arkansas
Boring, Oregon
Hicksville, Ohio River
Styx, Ohio
Buddha, Indiana
Hooker, Arkansas
Roachtown, Illinois
Chestnut, Illinois
Hooker, Oklahoma
Romance, Arkansas
Chicken, Alaska
Hornytown, North Carolina
Rough and Ready, California
Chocalate Bayou, Texas
Hot Coffee, Mississippi
Sand Draw, Wyoming
Chugwater, Wyoming
Hot Water, Mississippi
Sandwich, Illinois
Climax, North Carolina
Intercourse, Pennsylvania
Smackover, Arkansas
Climax, Pennsylvania
It, Mississippi
Spread Eagle, Wisconsin
Climax, Saskatchewan
Jupiter, Florida
Toad Suck, Arkansas
Cold Foot, Alaska
Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina
Umpire, Arkansas
Cold Water, Mississippi
King Arthur's Court, Michigan
Uncertain, Texas
Cut-Off, Louisiana
Koopa, Colorado
Yazoo, Mississippi
Dickeyville, Wisconsin
Lawyersville, New York
Yeehaw Junction, Florida
Ding Dong, Texas
Lollipop, Texas
Disco, Tennessee
Love Ladies, New Jersey
Dismal, Tennessee
Magazine, Arkansas
Dry Fork, Wyoming
Mars, Pennsylvania
Eclectic, Alabama
Monkey's Elbow, Kentucky
Eek, Alaska
Muck City, Alabama
Embarrass, Minnesota
No Name, Colorado
Hell, Arkansas
Poop Creek, Oregon
Truth or Consequences, NM
Ding Dong, Texas
Blueballs, Pennsylvania
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I used to live (a LONG time ago) in Farmer City Illinois.

Didn't see it on the list....:)
Rabbit Hash, KY
Talking Rock, GA
Veal, GA

If I think about it, I probably could come up with many more.
What a hoot!!!! Where did you find all these?
Peculiar, MO ... my sister-in-law lives there

Cave In Rock, IL ... an ancestoral home
What a hoot!!!! Where did you find all these?
Google search. I wanted something interesting to share with everyone.
~We used to vacation in Kill Devil Hills. I found a longer list here: There's over 200 weird town names(I especially love 52 and 127!). I fact checked one of the more far out ones, Satan's Kingdom, RI because that just sounds fake. It's a real place!!!~
I was going to mention Intercourse parents live pretty close to there :)
Painesville, Ohio

Every Halloween there are great haunted house attractions put together there.
I live close to Roachtown,IL. :lol:

How about Tightwad,Missouri? :)
Cut 'n shoot, Texas
Cooter, MO
Monkey's Eyebrow, MO
Lick Creek, IL
Fancy Farm, KY

These are all the ones close to me that I can think of., Oregon
Zigzag, Oregon

Although Poop Creek, Oregon is pretty bad.....

You can find even more here:
Dildo,Newfoundland (Canada)
Come by Chance,Newfoundland
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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