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OMG - I have cancer

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I had an abnormal pap smear a couple of weeks ago, doc did a biopsy. I got the results a couple of days ago - CERVICAL CANCER!!! I'm scared to death. I have to go next Wednesday for a more involved biopsy to see what stage the cancer is in to know where to go from here. I'm so scared. I've cried for three days. All I can think about are my babies - they need their mommy. My doctor says he is pretty sure we've caught it early and, if so, he can do a hysterectomy and I will be 100% cured. I'm clinging to those words.

PLEASE pray.
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How scary!! You are in my thoughts and prayers.

This actually happened to my aunt. One of her daughters insisted that she go for a checkup even though she didn't have insurance. She ended up finally going and finding out she had cervical cancer. I think she did have a hysterecermy? But at any rate she is alive and well today. :) Praying the same happens for you as well :)
i will say a prayer for you also, and am sending lots of :hugz: youre way..........
I'm am also saying a prayer for your complete recovery. God Bless You.
Praying for you Tater... Keep us updated....

My Prayers are with you.
41 - 48 of 48 Posts
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