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Got this in a consumer affairs email today......

don't know if others have thought about this but thought I would
post it............I wouldn't have thought of it.

Before closing an acct. print out any records you might need.

As posted in the letter:

"Print out your statements.

Rising fees at big banks have sent a lot of customers looking for small, community banks that are more fee-friendly. But David, a former customer of US Bank in Monument, Colo., learned something that quite frankly we might never have considered.

“While my bank account was active, I was enrolled in their web-based system to receive my bank statements, David told “Since I closed my account, US Bank no longer allows me access to my bank statements.”

David said he discussed closing his account with bank employees and none mentioned he would no longer have access to the site. If you are closing a bank account and have done online banking, make sure you download all your records first."

Here is the full article: (with other things)
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