Nobody likes a cluttered kitchen but what many people hate more than clutter is the task of cleaning it up. Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can do to clean up and declutter your kitchen in just a few minutes a day. Rather than spending your whole weekend cleaning, devote 10 minutes a day to one clean-up task and, before you know it, your kitchen will be clean and organized better than ever before.

Ten Simple Kitchen Organization Tasks

The following ten organization tasks should only take you a few minutes to complete but they will help to transform your kitchen from a cluttered mess into an organized and functional space. Simply choose one task to do each day:
  • Go through a cabinet. Over a period of several days, go through your cabinets one at a time and discard or donate any items that you do not use or do not need. Organize everything as you put it back into the cabinet, taking advantage of all that now-free space.
  • Go through a drawer. We all have a junk drawer in our kitchen - take a few minutes to throw out the things you do not need and move everything else back to its proper place. Choose one drawer a day to clean-out and organize.
  • Tidy up your counter space. Declutter your counter space by using clear plastic storage containers or ceramic containers for your baking basics - things like flour, sugar, and spices. Put all of your kitchen utensils in a container near the range for quick access. Reserve counter space for things you use every day or nearly every day and put everything else in its proper place.
  • Throw out plastic containers. There is no reason why you should keep every plastic tub or storage container you come across. Pick a few of each size (including the matching lids) and throw out the rest. Place the ones you're keeping in a drawer or cabinet for easy access.
  • Install hooks under your cabinets. Take advantage of hanging space by installing hooks under your cabinets to hang potholders, measuring cups, and other small items. You can also hang your pots and lids on larger hooks installed on the walls.
  • Check your pantry for expired items. Organizing your whole pantry might be a task that takes more than ten minutes so you can do it in stages. Go through food items and throw out anything that has expired then, on another day, organize food items by grouping like items together. You can also add baskets or tubs to keep small items together.
  • Use a lazy Susan. A lazy Susan is a great way to declutter your pantry or your cupboards. Simply place the lazy Susan in the desired location then fill it with small items. You can then just rotate the lazy Susan to find what you need instead of digging through the cabinet.
  • Clean out the refrigerator. Similar to your pantry, your refrigerator is probably also full of expired foods. Throw out the things that have gone bad or expired and try to organize what's left. Keep condiments and small items on the doors and reserve shelf space for larger items.
  • Install shelf racks. If you find that your plates, bowls, and mugs start to get pushed around in your cabinets, make use of shelf racks and plate racks to keep them organized. You might even consider installing hooks inside your cabinet doors to hang mugs.
  • Add a kitchen cart or rolling island. If you don't have space in your cupboards for large appliances like a stand mixer or blender, consider keeping those items on a kitchen cart that you can store out of the way and roll into the kitchen when you need it. Choose a cart with multiple levels so you can store all of your appliances as well as larger mixing bowls and baking dishes.
Cleaning out and organizing your kitchen can be a daunting task, especially if you try to do it all at once. By implementing these simple organization tips you can declutter your kitchen in just ten minutes a day. What could be simpler than that?

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