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My fiance and I have been talking about how we want to handle finances after we get married and for the next 5-years.

So, here's what we've come up with. We are going to have a joint checking account and a joint savings account. Both paychecks will go into the checking and a portion into savings. Then all joint bills will be paid out of checking. Each paycheck (twice per month) we will have $50 each go into a separate checking that will serve as our spending money. With this we buy anything we want such as getting my nails done, eating lunch out, video game, etc.

For the 5-year plan, we are going to work towards buying a new home in July 2016. We are going to pay off the debts we have by that time. 1) Best Buy Credit Card (est payoff Apr 2012)
2) Becker CPA Software (est payoff Sept 2012)
3) G's debt consolidation loan (est payoff Dec 2014)
4) My car (est payoff March 2015)

When each debt is paid off, the money will go into savings to save up for the down payment on the new house and new furnishings for the house. Then the money will be diverted to the house payments each month.

I think we are also going to have weekly budget meetings so that we keep on track to our goal. We desparately need a bigger house. The 2-bedroom home is really small when we have the 4 kids over on the weekends.
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