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Paelthom says Hello Again

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Hi All,
My name is paelthom (Pat) and I joined FV way back when, several years ago. Since then, I've moved and changed jobs a couple of times. I currently live in Chatham, VA with 3 cats and my 17 year old dd. Right now money is tight - same as with most folks. My dd resists every effort to scale back and be more frugal so it's a struggle some days. She graduated school early but hasn't decided what to do with herself yet. I am single and have decided that it's a preferred way to be at the moment. I love gardening in my tiny yard (mostly flowers), I love to read, I do a bit of holistic health work - mainly Reiki and aromatherapy. I love to eat especially if someone else cooks. I am an administrative assistant for the local government and I work a full 40 hours a week. I have returned to FV for all the good advice and helpful tips that I enjoyed previously and need to be reminded of again.
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Hi Pat, how can your dd be 17? :thud: Welcome back!
Hi Pat, how can your dd be 17? :thud: Welcome back!
That's what I was thinking too. LOL

Welcome back, Pat :)
She is actually only 6 months from being 18. Time has flown by.
Hi Pat! Welcome back to FV, I look forward to reading your posts.
Hi Pat! Welcome back, so good to see you again! :welcome:
Hiya ;)

my 19 yo fights my efforts be be frugal alot of the time and has since she was younger - feel like i am talking to a wall alot of times.
we fixed the issues for the most part with her having a job as a waitress.
doesnt always help with the lights being turned off when she leaves a room etc but saves me a ton on her wanting clothes or to eat out - she uses her own $$$
Hi and welcome back
Welcome back.
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