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Paid to Organize a Sewing Room!

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My belly dance teacher hired me to clean the main floor of her home once a month and I've done that twice so far. She just called me to ask if I would be interested in organizing her sewing room!!!

She makes costumes for herself and her troop but has items in multiple placed throughout her 3-4 story house. I'm so excited. I'll be checking out the area to be addressed tomorrow after class.

Since I'm not a professional and she would be purchasing any materials, I'm thinking of keeping my fee at the same rate that I use for cleaning with her.

Has anyone here organized on a "professional" level or for someone else? I would love to hear thoughts or inputs for making this work for her.
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"my belly dance teacher"... WOW! I didn't get past the belly dancing! I would love to do that...way to go!!! (& congrats on a super new career!!)
LOL! I love it. My instructor is really physically expressive and that is something I am so... NOT. But since taking lessons, my thumbs no longer get numb, my back pain is decreased and I feel better.
Well, she has a nice size room. One small closet with a door. Windows on two walls. An old sewing table she doesn't use, 2 stacked file drawers that needn't be in the room. Corner shelves.

There is a chest of drawers that can be placed in the room and a three cupboard wardrobe. She is all about re-purposing the furniture that she has. I think it may just need some way to organize her items in what she already has available.

She was easily overwhelmed when we were talking ideas and I think she is going to lean toward paying me to assist her the cleaning and organizing the room with her. Which is the best way to do it as she has more involvement in the keeping, pitching, and separating of her items.

She sorts fabrics by material and trims by color.

I think having an assortment of drawer dividers or light weight boxes that can make drawer space functional would be a good place to start. I think it is going to be a big project seeing how much costuming materials she has.

I'm quite excited about this project. :)
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1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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