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Paid to Organize a Sewing Room!

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My belly dance teacher hired me to clean the main floor of her home once a month and I've done that twice so far. She just called me to ask if I would be interested in organizing her sewing room!!!

She makes costumes for herself and her troop but has items in multiple placed throughout her 3-4 story house. I'm so excited. I'll be checking out the area to be addressed tomorrow after class.

Since I'm not a professional and she would be purchasing any materials, I'm thinking of keeping my fee at the same rate that I use for cleaning with her.

Has anyone here organized on a "professional" level or for someone else? I would love to hear thoughts or inputs for making this work for her.
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That's great news, a nice natural expansion for your current business. Since it's your first job of this type I think it's a good idea to stick with your usual cleaning rate. If you get some more experience and start to feel comfortable, then come up with a higher rate for organizing jobs. A lot of times these types of jobs would be done with a flat rate for the whole project, but you wouldn't want to start out that way because you won't know at first how much time it will take and how much is appropriate.

Don't say you aren't a professional organizer, because as soon as you do this job for money - presto! - you are. Although there is a certification program available, it is not required and the industry is not regulated. If however, you do decide to keep going in this direction and want to get certified down the road, keep detailed records of how many hours you spend during the different phases of each project - ie. client consultation, planning, implementing, etc. - as you need a certain number of hours to be certified, and only some activities count (NAPO is the organization, details are on their site).

Can you tell I've been doing a lot of reading on this topic lately? ;)
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