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I picked out cool paint colors at Sherwin-Williams online today! Now all I have to do is go by the store and have them mix them up for me. I hope to paint Memorial Day Weekend, and finish up the following weekend. I know I can do it, I just have to get everyone out of my way first! DD has a softball tournament, so that takes care of DD and what to do with DS9???

On the website, they have color collections in which color choices reflect a mood, an outdoor season, or decor style. Here's the collection I picked:


It's called "Around the World." I'm going to paint the kitchen "Relic Bronze," with "Red Cent" on the backsplash. In the laundry room, I'll go with "Tassel."

In my living room I'm going with "Tassel," as well as my bedroom. My bathroom will be "Tassel" in the vanity area and "Red Cent" in the bath area.

Wish me luck! This is one of my goals for 2008!!!!! :hug2:
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