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Panic attacks

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I am not sleeping well. I keep waking with my heart pounding.
And sometimes during the day I feel faint.

It has been 3 weeks since my 11 yr. was diagnosed with diabetes.

The first week she was in hospital. The second week I was so busy trying to do all the insulin shots, blood tests, food menus, that I wasn't able to think about anything else.
The third week it all seem to sink, in and I am having major problems coping...

I hope the fourth week brings acceptance and I can move forward...:nerv2:

Oh, I hope so.
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I hope you get to feeling better yourself. I was also recently diagnosed with diabetes, I understand the frustration/upset you are going through. Is there any type of a support group for kids with diabetes/ and their parents in your area. If there is maybe attending some meetings would be helpful for you and your dd.
It is a lot to process, but you will accept it and it won't be so hard. It will get easier, although it is never easy. Not to be trite, but hang in there and it will get easier. I think you are handling it well. (I was so distraught when my daughter was diagonosed and I started to understand all the potential consequences of diabetes, that I became very depressed.)
Panic attacks are a pain. Our counselor "made" me get busy and just jump back into life. Thankfully life cooperated.

What can you do to get rid of those panics? Will keeping an organizational notebook help your mind relax at night? How about a checklist? Maybe some sheet protectors with the dr orders in the notebook?
I'm sending you some hugs and I hope things get better for you soon! I can't imagine how it must feel to have a child diagnosed with something like that! Remember to take the time to cry or scream or whatever you need. Don't try to hold it all inside!
omg, so sorry to hear this !! A friend of mine has a 5 year old and she has diabetes also. They work really hard but they make sure her sugar is tested every two hours and record everything she eats. You are probably in shock right now because you didn't see this coming. Hang in there and see if there is a support group in your area for mom of kids with diabetes. Hugs and hang in there !!!
I'm sorry you're having a difficult time dealing with your DD's diagnosis. Sending lots of ((hugs)) your way.
The time will come when you will have it all figured out and it will be as they say "old hat". Just learn all you can and teach yourself and your child everything they need to know to take care of themself. You can do this. :hug:
Do you keep a journal? Maybe if you write down your feelings on paper, you will find that you will be able to handle your anxiety better. Once you get into the routine of this, you'll settle into a pattern and how you are feeling now will disappear. Later you will be able to look at how far you have come in being able to cope with this disease. Maybe someday, heaven forbid, you will have a friend who has to go through the same thing and you will be able to look back and understand what they are going through. Events in our life, such as this, are what make us who we are. You are doing give yourself a break!!
:hug2: and prayers to both of you
:smooch: :hug2: I hope you feel better.
AS a diabetic myself I know it is hard in the beginning but hang in there it will get easier I will say a prayer for all of you
:hug2: I hope you feel better soon.
If you are having panic attacks, stay away from caffiene in any form. I find that is a BIG trigger for me when I am stressed and will quickly put me in panic attack mode! Also, if you can, lay down on the bed for just a couple of minutes and talk to yourself saying, "It's OK....this will pass, it is OK....this will pass. I am OK."

Good luck to you and my your dear daughter get this diabetes thing under control.

I think you should check with your own doc about an anti-anxiety drug. All of the things people here have said will help you also, but I know from past experience that when you are panicking, it is just TOO HARD to get your mind calm enough to listen to yourself, and try to stop panicking. It is a vicious circle.

Call your doc today, so that you AND your daughter have an easier adjustment period with this. Just be sure and wean yourself off of it, as you adjust and relax about the situation.

I wish I had gotten something to help, several times in my life.
I've had many issues with anxiety and depression during my life. At one time, I was so anxious that I couldn't sleep...meaning during the day I was less able to cope with everything that was making me stressed, I then became more stressed and once again, wouldn't be able to sleep at night. I went to my doctor and explained the situation and asked if I could have something that would help me sleep. I asked that she only prescribe a week's worth. Basically, I knew what was making me stressed but because I was so sleep deprived, everything was harder to handle and then got worse and caused more anxiety. After 3 nights of pill-assisted sleep (trust me, normally I'm not a big pill person so I didn't like having to take pills) I was refreshed enough that I could really start tackling the problems. The problems were still big but because I wasn't a complete zombie, I could deal with them more effectively. I was still a bit stressed but because I wasn't so tired...the panic attacks went away.

Definitely look into support groups though...they'll be able to help you with information and hopefully, with THAT load of your mind, the adjustment will be a bit easier. :hug2:
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