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Panic attacks

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I am not sleeping well. I keep waking with my heart pounding.
And sometimes during the day I feel faint.

It has been 3 weeks since my 11 yr. was diagnosed with diabetes.

The first week she was in hospital. The second week I was so busy trying to do all the insulin shots, blood tests, food menus, that I wasn't able to think about anything else.
The third week it all seem to sink, in and I am having major problems coping...

I hope the fourth week brings acceptance and I can move forward...:nerv2:

Oh, I hope so.
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I've had many issues with anxiety and depression during my life. At one time, I was so anxious that I couldn't sleep...meaning during the day I was less able to cope with everything that was making me stressed, I then became more stressed and once again, wouldn't be able to sleep at night. I went to my doctor and explained the situation and asked if I could have something that would help me sleep. I asked that she only prescribe a week's worth. Basically, I knew what was making me stressed but because I was so sleep deprived, everything was harder to handle and then got worse and caused more anxiety. After 3 nights of pill-assisted sleep (trust me, normally I'm not a big pill person so I didn't like having to take pills) I was refreshed enough that I could really start tackling the problems. The problems were still big but because I wasn't a complete zombie, I could deal with them more effectively. I was still a bit stressed but because I wasn't so tired...the panic attacks went away.

Definitely look into support groups though...they'll be able to help you with information and hopefully, with THAT load of your mind, the adjustment will be a bit easier. :hug2:
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