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Pay Schedule Preferences

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When I began teaching, I was paid once a month. That really worked well, as bills were once a month, and once those were paid, I knew I could eat on what was left! Later, my husband was still paid once a month and I took a job where I was paid twice a month. We still tried to live like we were paid once a month. I've never been paid weekly, and I don't think I would like it.

It's probably all in what you are used to, but I was curious. What is your preference in your pay schedule, and why?
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For the last twenty years, I've been paid once a week. I learned to budget and work around the smaller, more frequent pay periods (like taking out 1/4 of big bills each week, like the mortgage, when I was paying that). Before that, I got paid once a month, which I didn't like because it was just so long to go between getting money coming in (however, back then, I was just a kid and really didn't budget as well as I do now). Still, I'm very accustomed to the weekly paycheck. I also like the extra paydays each year and plan pet vet visits, gifts, and other "extras" around those paydays. Interesting topic.
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