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Pay Schedule Preferences

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When I began teaching, I was paid once a month. That really worked well, as bills were once a month, and once those were paid, I knew I could eat on what was left! Later, my husband was still paid once a month and I took a job where I was paid twice a month. We still tried to live like we were paid once a month. I've never been paid weekly, and I don't think I would like it.

It's probably all in what you are used to, but I was curious. What is your preference in your pay schedule, and why?
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dh gets paid on 15th and 30th or a day or two before if those days fall on a saturday or sunday .
check from 30th i call week one in my budget and it goes to bills due early in month

15th i call week 2 and goes to bills due later in month .

i get paid weekly on thursdays - one thing i like is if i know i have an extra expense i can offer to help on the weekend and have the money in hand by thursday / friday . ( if they have the work and i am able to do it schedule wise and health wise )
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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