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Pay Schedule Preferences

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When I began teaching, I was paid once a month. That really worked well, as bills were once a month, and once those were paid, I knew I could eat on what was left! Later, my husband was still paid once a month and I took a job where I was paid twice a month. We still tried to live like we were paid once a month. I've never been paid weekly, and I don't think I would like it.

It's probably all in what you are used to, but I was curious. What is your preference in your pay schedule, and why?
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~Ever since I started working at 16, I've only known being paid every two weeks. I got paid that way at two different jobs and DH has always been paid that way at this job.
I'd like being paid once a month so I would only have to record and add one number into the ledger. BUT since some of that paycheck has been mine and owed to me for a couple weeks at the point they give me the check, I'd lose money on interest. Interest may not be great right now but it's still my money and my interest.
So a weekly check would be best financially.
Monthly would be best for simplification.~
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