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Financial crisis averted. The second opinion on the dental work revealed it was mostly cosmetic and only one area needed a watch on it. Dentist said to come back and see him in 6 months.

Financial planner is great! Can't go into details because we signed a confidentiality agreement, but I can say she is worth every penny. She is helping us unearth and deal with things that need serious consideration prior to retirement.

I also decided to look at my medication this past month. I phoned my doctor and asked for a higher dosage so I could cut the pills in half. Why? Because the pills are half the price at the higher dosage. Don't ask me why this is so, but it is for my medication.

I made a couple of GF, sugar free lasagnas, ate one, and put the other in the freezer. Pulled it out last night for DH and I for supper.

The kitchen renovation has been postponed until September. This is somewhat problematic for me because I will have to be doing some serious rug hooking for the shops by then. I don't think hubby realizes how difficult this is going to be, what with dust and noise. And I know the contractor doesn't know about my business, because neither of us have said anything to him yet. This could be a problem. I have to finish all the dyeing of fibre I need for my Fall and Christmas lines by the end of this month, before the water is shut off upstairs...and possibly elsewhere.

I have a class to teach this weekend. Two students coming to learn rug hooking. Should be fun.

I have orders coming in from the two shops I sell through. Plus I would like to finish some of my personal hooking and hooking for my Etsy shop.

A friend has been generous and has sold us 2 gallons of raspberries at $15 each, and then let us pick some small apples/crabs off some branches overhanging her yard. We have enough for our year's supply of applesauce.

Further to the kitchen renovation...we have picked out tiles now and they are in the hallway. They were about $250CAD. We picked out flooring, and will find out the price today. We figure this kitchen will come in at around $25,000CAD. Not bad, considering the neighbourhood average is $40,000.
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