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Hey you know what pj shirt would be easy with those pj pants?

I can't remember what its called so I call them moses shirts.
But I make them girly.

It's a giant T if you can imagine.
Except you unfold it. So really its 2 T's with the top stuck together.
Where the T's meet you need to cut a curve for the neck, or a curve back and a slit in the front.

These shirts have a name but I can't remember it...?
Afcan? Tunic, is not exactly right either?

Anyways because it's just 2 lines the short can be made in literally a few minutes.
I know people make long one the use ropes as belts for costumes etc..
They are really comfy!
I cant find the site right now but it had some sort of title like modest clothing maybe?

Also medical scrubs seem to be a version but with short sleeves.
I make them in 3 quarter sleeve.

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What a simple idea. I am currently making some pj pants for christmas, and was thinking about making some tops to go with it!! Thanks for the idea!!
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