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Planting Horseradish 5 October 2008 Planting Horseradish
(Armoracia rusticana, syn. Cochlearia armoracia)

Tow horseradish plants were placed in the ground to overwinter. These two plants were started from root shoots on the 19 July 2008 to give the plants a good start.

I was told that the root depth can be limited by placing a board in the bottom of the planting hole, so I am experimenting to see if this makes digging easier next year. I happen to have a few square foot spruce boards so used them.

The hole is about a foot deep with sand in the bottom, then the flat board, then a shovel full of compost, then back filled with good soil mixed with a bit of sand.

I use the small rototiller for mixing soil in the wheelbarrow, when required. It sure beats shoveling and the result is ideal.
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