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Practical things we can do - #2 Internal Processes.

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Your mind can be a very strong tool, it will work either for or against you. Accepting whatever you feed it with, without judgement.

I KNOW this statement to be true however teaching it new things can be much easier said than done! When we change our 'mind talk' sometimes it fights against us for a while, it's not used to hearing things like 'I love you just the way you are' and it will come back with 'actually you're stupid and ugly, remember when you did this or that'

Using affirmations is a very effective tool - it also takes time and practice.

Here is another edited article from the book Relaxation in a Week by Pat and Colin ****. I really hope some of the practical suggestions will be helpful to people, but it is worth remembering we are not all alike, all things are worth trying but some won't be for 'you' - that's ok. It doesn't mean it's wrong or NOTHING will work, it's just another thing to use or eliminate.

Here it is:
Internal Processes

If you are a car driver or a passenger you may have noticed if you don't change gear going up hill there is a reaction from the engine. Have you analysed t process as to what causes you to change gear?

Is it the visual view of the hill?

Is it the sound of the engine labouring?

Is it the feel of the car juddering?

If you relate this to your own life do you take note of your internal senses when they are warning you that you are over-stretching yourself? As an individual do you see life as an uphill struggle? Do you rush at it and run out of energy half way up the hill? (that would be ME ;) - Bev x )

If you pace yourself and go up the hill in an appropriate way you would reach the top with a sense of achievement and energy in abundance to deal with other matters.

As you become more aware of your internal processes, the way in which your mind and body react to current external situations, then you are more able to adjust to and cope with them.

Sit quietly for a moment and notice your own internal processes.

Are you giving yourself the message 'I will not be able to get through all I have to do today'?

Is your mind going round and round?

How are you feeling inside?

Is your *breathing* slow or fast?

Are you sitting in a relaxed position?

Once you become aware of what is happening inside yourself you have the opportunity of taking control and becoming more positive. Choose to review quietly what you would like to achieve during the day. Be honest with yourself and make this a probability rather than a possibility.

I can as always, give more details on practical excercises, if I haven't made them clear.

If it helps just one person, it has been worthwhile.

Best Wishes and LOTS of love to those suffering and in recovery. :hugz:
Bev. xxx
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I just wanted to thank you for the information. I too tell myself the awefull things and get myself in a horrible mindset. I appreciate the ideas of how to bring myself out of this.

Bev, you're doing so well with this depression/mania thread. I for one am just beginning to come out of long depressive mood and just reading your affirming coments is helping me so much.

You explain very well and you're not boring at all.

Thank you.
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