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Prayers for DH

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Please pray for my DH he has an interview tommorrow at what would be the perfect job for my family :)
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Hugs and prayers to both of you! Good luck! Please let us know how it all turns out!
Good luck to your family. Sending good thoughts. :)
Sending them your way.
I said a prayer. Please let us know how the interview goes. :)
Absolutely - sending prayers and best wishes!!
Positive vibes coming your way...guess that would be today...hopefully you won't have to wait on pins and needles to find out.
Wishing your family the best
Today is the day, wishing him well! :thumb:
absolutely! Best wishes
Prayers needed for Dh & I, He got laid off Friday. He had 2 interviews last week so hope something comes from it. Mon, Tues, Wed I've been applying for jobs too haven't heard anything yet! We need to get something so we wont lose our home!
saying a prayer, hope it all goes well.
Sending prayers your way! :)
Prayers sent your way :)
Thank you for the prayers! We still dont know anything. My dh said the interview was hard. He felt like he was being interigated by the cops! LOL (this interviewer is known for being tough) But, the man later e-mailed him and asked for more references so that was a good sign I thought :) So keep the prayers coming! Another good thing that happened is that we thought it was a night shift job but the man said it was day shift and my little boy is playing t-ball this year and my dh wanted to coach him, he wouldnt have been able to working the night shift but now he can if he's on days :) Plus, I am a home health nurse and one of my favorite clients is an evening shift client and I would have had to give her up because I would have no sitter (my sitter only works days) but now my dh can keep the kids! :)
It is a great sign if they're calling for info - sounds like a good omen - keeping up prayers and positive energy for you!!
WOOO HOOO!!!!!!!! Second interview scheduled for Monday at 3pm!!!!YAY!!!!!! Is it inappropriate for people over the age of 30 to jump up and down and do happy dances like they are preschoolers? Cause I will be doing that this week if he gets it!
Something that touched my heart is I told my little 5 year old to pray for the Lord to give daddy a job. She did and it just warmed my heart. When he got back from the interview she said "did you get the job daddy? I prayed for God to help you get the job today" Thank the Lord that no matter what our circumstances that when I get to spend my life with such wonderful children I know I am truly blessed :)
Continued good wishes!
Never mind.

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