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Prays needed

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I just got off the phone with my oldest sister and they think her husband has a stroke about 1am today, This is the stupid part. They are waiting for Monday to go to the Dr. Because the can't afford ER. His speach is slurred and the left side of his face droops and he is having a hard time walking....... I tried to get her to take him in...... I'm sorry its just a bill. What can they do take their birthdays away from them....... So I'm off to her house tomorrow.......He needs lots of prays..... Thanks alot
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:hugz: positive thoughts going out to your family
They really should take him to the ER whether they can pay or not. asap
If they wait until Monday the Dr. will most likely be very unhappy that he wasn't taken to the ER right away. That said, your sister needs to feel your love and hugs now. I'm glad you can be there for her.

My prayers go out to your BIL.
Your sister and her husband are lucky to have you. Prayers and love are coming for all of you. Life is so precious - take care of each other.
Good luck..and good thoughts..He needs to go to ER right away though, as some forms of damage can become irreversible after a few hours or days.
Take it from someone that has had a stroke, he needs to be seen ASAP!
No bill is worth the cost of a life, and strokes kill people.

You and your BIL are in my thoughts and prayers!
Please let us know how things are going.
I'm with everyone else on this thread. They are trying to avoid an ER bill but will end up with either a funeral bill or bills for a lifetime of extensive medical care. Strokes, if dealt with by a hospital right away, can often be treated so effectively there is a complete recovery. If left, for even a few hours, permanent brain damage or death is almost guaranteed. Please, please convince your sister to take him to the ER right away!!

My prayers are with you!
Sending a prayer for you and your family.
A life is worth much more than an ER bill. I would tell her to stop worrying about that and get him to the ER ASAP. Most ER's will take payment plans!

Also, sending good thoughts and prayers your way :hugz:
I know that he needs to go to ER........ I can't force them too. I would make him go but he can say no and they have to leave........He's a nice guy. I'm dealing with my estanged husband who had a stroke and wasn't found for 8 hrs....Well I'm off to call her...... Thanks everyone for your prayers and good throughts
Sending prayers & hoping you talked them into going to the hospital asap!
Their in my thoughts and prayers. Hope she goes right away to the ER.
:hug2: I will be keeping you and your family in my prayers.

Awww, Fern I am so sorry. I will be saying prayers for him. I was born and raised in Canada and recently moved to the States with no health insurance. It is horrible how people won't go to the doctor when they are ill because of the fear of losing everything. :hugz:
:grouphug: Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

Hope you talked them into going to the ER
Well I meet my sister at urgent care.......Her daughter paid the bill. Well theywanted him in ER so their son will pay the ambulance bill. The hospital is across the street from urgent care. I spent all day with her while they ran tests. He had a full stroke. His right cartoid artery is blocked. They did keep him. They will try and get his blood pressure down and start phyical therapy. and after the stroke settles down he will have surgery to clear the cartoid. So far so good
Oh thank god..seriously...I've had no less than 4 conversations about this today..BTW the guy at my hardware stores sends good wishes too.
Thank you everyone........I know we're not out of th woods yet..... His son and ddinl has started clean out his room. My sister fell apart after she got home.....I had expected it sooner. I had my moms oxygen machine so I dug it out and now its waiting for him when he gets home.......They can't afford the co-pay. She was also smart to ask the Dr in front of her husband about driving Dr said no so he turned his keys over to her. I know she didn't sleep much last night. I called one of our other sisters so she could talk to her. Then after midnight last night she was back on the phone with me........Its going to be another long day.......
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