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Prays needed

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I just got off the phone with my oldest sister and they think her husband has a stroke about 1am today, This is the stupid part. They are waiting for Monday to go to the Dr. Because the can't afford ER. His speach is slurred and the left side of his face droops and he is having a hard time walking....... I tried to get her to take him in...... I'm sorry its just a bill. What can they do take their birthdays away from them....... So I'm off to her house tomorrow.......He needs lots of prays..... Thanks alot
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I'm with everyone else on this thread. They are trying to avoid an ER bill but will end up with either a funeral bill or bills for a lifetime of extensive medical care. Strokes, if dealt with by a hospital right away, can often be treated so effectively there is a complete recovery. If left, for even a few hours, permanent brain damage or death is almost guaranteed. Please, please convince your sister to take him to the ER right away!!

My prayers are with you!
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