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Note: If there's nothing you're worried about and you don't feel any need to prepare for anything, perhaps our <B><BIG>Threats</BIG></B> page will help.

Australian Survivalist
Emergency preparedness and survival
Captain Dave's Survival Center
News and information to help increase your chances of survival before, during and after natural and man-made disasters of all types
County Comm
Equip yourself for life
On the other hand, maybe there's no point in preparing - A population crash resource page
Dry Dipstick
Is Peak Oil simply Y2K all over again?
Food Storage and Emergency Preparation
From the Church of Latter Day Saints
Frugal Squirrel
For patriots, survivalists, and gun owners
Frugal's Survival Library
Lots and lots of information
Gary North's Y2K Links and Forums
Still very useful information five years later
Kurt Saxon
Preparedness pages from the "father of survivalism"
You Can't Trust a "Patriot"
- Good essay on paranoid survivalists
Loompanics Unlimited
Hard-to-find, controversial and unusual books
Nuclear War Survival Skills
Free online book
Real Goods
Products for an ecologically sustainable future
New York City Survivalist Guide
From New York
NorthStar Preparedness Network
Promotes readiness and leadership to support the rapid deployment of personnel in the event of cataclysmic events in each of the 50 states and Canada
Preparedness Center
School of Self-Reliance
All aspects of self-reliance. They sell stuff too
Survival After Death
This one's in case all of the stuff didn't work
Survival Essentials
More stuff
Survival Forum
The internet survival and emergency preparedness portal
Information for survivalists. Lots of links
Time Bomb 2000
A world events forum where Y2K never ends
Anticipating economic collapse - long wave economic news

Red Cross Earthquake Preparations
Red Cross Flood Preparations
Red Cross Heat Wave Preparations
Red Cross Hurricane Preparation

<H4>Internet Forums</H4>alt.survival
Usenet news group
All survival topics - Yahoo group
Backwoods Home
Radical homesteading, off grid living, and survival - Yahoo group
Usenet news group
Sensible Survival Realtime
Of interest to the survivalist, outdoorsman, homesteaders, and anyone else who wishes information on how to "get by and do well" when natural, and/or man made disasters occur - Yahoo group
Outdoor skills - Yahoo group

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Oh my thank you Gabe. I have a number of these already bookmarked, but not all of them. Can't wait to start looking through the ones I didn't have.

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thanks gabe. I've had a quick look in the australian one and will read it thoroughly later. Thanks also to cj and kim, I'll check your links out soon too.

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good lord there are a lot of sites!!!

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it's great to be prepared ...

but don't let the doom and gloom depress you

life is short

enjoy every second of it you can
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