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3M Office Product Special Offers
Post-it® Star-shaped Note Pad Offer
Post-it® Life's Little Luxuries Offer
Post-it® Starbucks Card Offer
Post-it® Knick-Knack Offer
Post-it® Heart-shaped Note Pad Offer

9Lives Free Morris Plush offer

Ace Hardware Rebates

Aciphex $30 Refund 3/31/04

Act II Promotions

Acuvue and Surevue Contact Lens $30 Refund 12/31/04


Angel Soft Angels in Action Kit

Apple & Eve Sesame Street Flash Cards

Arm & Hammer Special Offers
Free Blockbuster Movie Rental exp 3/31


Baby Orajel Rebate

Best Buy Rebate Center

Blue Bonnet Promotions

Blue Rhino 12/31/04. (1 per year)

Brach's Offers

Breathe Right Vapor Shot FAR exp 3/31/04

Breeders Choice Frequent Buyer Club

Breeder's Choice Promotions

Breeder's Choice Satisfaction Guarantee (bottom)

Bright Beginnings Offers
Free Stork Beanie Doll

Bubble Yum Duck Bucks Gift Certificates 4/04

Capex Shampoo $5 rebate

Castrol Promotions

Cat in the Hat Good Clean Fun Offer 6/15/04

Chef Boyardee Star Wars VHS mail in offer (5/31/04)

Citrucel Money Back Guarantee 9/04

ConAgra Foods Promotions

Crunch N Munch Headhunters Premiums

Crunch 'n Munch Free Hulk Watch (2 upcs + $1.50) exp 5/29/04

Crown Prince Cookbook

Detrol LA

Dilberito T-shirt

Dirt Devil Sweeper Vac with Swiffer $5 Rebate 3/31/04

Duet Prenatal Vitamins $5

Dove Offer

Eagle Pack Puppy/Kitten Wellness Program

Earth's Best Coupon/Savings Bond Offer


Febreze 7-Day Challenge

Francesco Rinaldi Pasta Sauce
Free Jar 3/31/04
Free Recipe Book

Fresh Step Paw Points

Fountainhead Water

Gentle Naturals $1.50 rebate 6/04

Gerber Promotions
Lift the Flap Book
Dreamland CD

Gerber Graduates

Gillette Mach3 Turbo Razor 4/30/04

Ginsana or Ginkoba

Glad Press N Seal $1 rebate 7/15/04

Glad Movie Ticket Offer exp 6/30/04

Gladware $1 Rebate exp 5/31/04

Gold'n Plump Serving Platter & Bowl Offer 5/15/04

Gorton's Promotions
Buy 3 Get Free Beauty Treatment Voucher 2/29/04
Buy 2 Get Free NakNak 12/31/06
Free Gorton's Celebriduck

Haagen-Dazs Rewards

Haagen-Dazs Promotions

Hasbro My LIttle Pony special 7/31/04

Hershey's Movie Tickets 3/31/04

Home Depot Promotions

Hunt's Promotions

Jolly Time Brother Bear Koda Offer

Keebler Lion King Mini Talking Cookie Jars 3/31/04

Kellogg's Offers

Kellogg's Offers (more)

Kellogg's Disney Bendable Friends offer

Kerasa Money Back Guarantee: exp. 4-15-04

Kool-Aid Offers

Kraft Get a Hat Like the Cat Offer 4/30/04

Kraft Hulk T-shirt 3/31/04

Kraft Nascar Offer 9/30/04

Kraft products Buy 3 participating and receive 3 CURVES workouts 12/31/04

Langer's Juice Promotions
Baby Einstein CD-ROM Sampler
Paz Finger Puppets
Madeline CD or Video
Video Rebate
Charlotte's Web 2 Growth Chart
Winning Eleven 6 Jersey
Refrigerator Magnet
KIDS T-Shirts

Leap Frog/Mott's $5 rebate 7/31/04

Little Crow Foods Bakin' Miracle or Fryin' Magic

Luvs Ultra Leakguards Guarantee 8/31/04

Mauna Lai Free Glasses

Maxim Haircare for Men 12/31/04

Melatonex $2 refund

Menards Rebates

Mentos Free Hollywood Movie Cash Offer 3/31/04

Mr Clean AutoDry Carwash Spot-Free Guarantee

Mr Clean Money Back Guarantee

Nabisco Winter Oreos & Frosty the Snowman $3 rebate

Nature's Earth Feline Pine Litter

Nature's Earth All Pet Pine Bedding

Nature's Earth Frequent Buyer's Program

North Star Penguin Babies

Novolog Rapid Acting Insulin $25 Rebate 4/22/04

Noxema Shaveing Products

Odor Lockers Kitty Litter Satisfaction Guarentee

Office Depot Rebate Center

Office Max Rebate Center

Old Spice Deodorant Challenge

Old Spice Shaveing Products

Orajel Rebate

Orange Glo 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Oscar Mayer Mini NFL Football Offer 3/31/04

Pace Foods Free Bottle Pump Offer NED

Patanol $10 Rebate

Peeps Points Merchandise & Order Form

Pemmican Promotions

Philadelphia Cream Cheese Springform Pan Mail-In Offer 3/31/04

Pronto Lice Treatment $2 rebate

Purina Dog Chow Incredible Dog Challenge Game on CD-ROM

Rainbow Light Healthy Rewards

Red Star Yeast Premiums

Rhodes Quality Guarantee

Sargento Offers
Sargento Cooler
Taste of Home Cookbook
JUSTICE LEAGUE Digital Trading Cards
Lambeau Field Gifts

Splenda Money Back Guarantee

So-Be Offers

Stella Cheese FREE CD

SuperPretzel Merchandise Offer

True Value Bargains and Rebates (right hand column)

SynPower Rebate 3/31/04
MaxLife Rebate 3/31/04

Walgreens EasySaver Catalog

Whoppers/Milk Duds/Bites Movie Ticket Offer 3/31/04

Zoloft $10 Rebate Offer

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