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I don't see a thread for sunday so I guess I'll start one even though now it's Monday

I got so much done today!

I cleaned out my freezer and fridge and totally reorganized everything. It looks so pretttty!

I got a couple loads of laundry done, making me almost done completly aside from handwashables and what we dirtied today.
Oh wait I just started washing some of those handwashables! So some of that is done, yay!

PLUS I had at LEAST 6 loads of CLEAN laundry still waiting to be put away, and I got it ALL done in one setting!

On top of that, I re organized our closet. even dh's side! So now all our clothes are lined up in order of color/sleeve length. It looks awesome!

I baked brownies, and cheaters bread (premade frozen dough).

I vacuumed, cleaned up the living room, kitchen floor and even tried to vacuum out my car until the vacuum started shorting out on me

I got ayla bathed, braided her hair, and managed to succesfully shop at a mall without her getting too cranky! We had a lot of fun playing together today too! And I swear when I walked into the room tonight she said "There is Mommy!!" Dh and I were just stunned (she's almost 2 and not much of a talker at all)

I got my dredfull shoes returned finally!

My dad called tonight and told me he will be coming to visit next month

I was planning on also going to Ralphs for some shopping but I put on some clearasil, and it turned those spots TOMATO red :eek:

The unfrugal thing of the day, was we bought some stuff for me.
I swear though I wouldn't have gotten anything if dh hadn't promted me, really, I swear! :D
Oh oh and we got a 20$ off 50$ coupon from the store we were last at! I'm so excited!

I just had a really super awesome great day! I hope I can keep it up and be productive like this more often! (minus the frivelous clothes shopping of course)

I am really hoping Monday will be nice and sunny so we all can enjoy the outdoors!

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I did next to nothing yesterday....... Fri & Sat were very long days for me and I just rested yesterday....... You had a busy day Heather !!!!!!!!:D
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