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I have a few projects around the house that I have put off while working and they have always bugged me. Now that I am retiring I cannot put these things off any longer. For each of these projects I will define what I consider a definative end, a next step action and a maintenence plan, so as to keep these projects complete as appropriate.
In no exact paticular order:

1) Create a sewing area for my business. Need to build tables, replace floor, and generally make my area more productive use of space.

2) Create a room by room photo inventory for insurance purposes. Also as I go thru each room I would like to do a cleaning schedule, a wish list, a needs to repaired or replace list.

3) Get my photos catagorized and either in books or in frames.

4) Go thru my recipies and purge the ones I will never make and make cards for the recipies I do make and like.

5) Organize the basement, creating areas of purpose (storage areas for camping/hunting, seasonal decorations, seed starting equipment, food storage, canning supply storage, and pool chemical storage)

6) clean out the garage and install an organizing system (this with DH help so that he can have his workshop out there) also crating areas of purpose (Pool, gardening, bird feeding, tools/workshop, garbage, bikes, auto) This will change once my gardenshed is built and then more room for DH workshop.

7) this is also linked with the garage...organize the barn. The two go hand in hand because the barn will be an extended storage area for things that are in the garage.

That's it. I know some of these things will take more than the month to accomplish what with other goals I have set out to accomplish this year.

Anyone else have any projects they want to accomplish this year?
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