Before I share my thrift store table that I'm faux painting, I wanted to show you my vase and tumbler I picked up yesterday at the thrift store.

The vase will go on my kitchen window sill with my miniature colored bottles that I use as vases.

I also purchased a set of white glass footed tumblers, but not to use as drinking glasses. I needed something unique to hold toothbrushes in our bathrooms. :) Please please no comments on the toothbrushes. Have mercy!

Some of you might remember this repurposed flower pot. It's also in my bathroom. While I was grabbing the tumbler, I thought why not share this too. ;)

Lastly, here's my latest project. It's the "before" picture of my ever so beauteous (HA!) thrift store coffee table. I picked it up a few months ago. It will be used in my family/game room. Errr, if I don't totally make it look worse. Is that even possible? lol

What I liked about this table was the size, price, and detailing. It's so not me, but it spoke to me and I think I can do something fabu. I'll update when I'm done. I sanded it today.

Have you refurbished, repurposed, or reused something in your home decor lately?