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Why I'm "Wasting" My Vote... ( Just received this In An email this morning. I too believe as Roger does).

Back in 1995 I was turned on to a set of ideas I call "Freedom
Principles." I saw this third party candidate Harry Browne debating
a bunch of other third party candidates on the Larry King show.

Man was this guy incredibly sharp. But that was not the main reason
I liked him. I liked him because his ideas made sense. So much
sense that it was like listening to a founding father who signed
the Declaration of Independence come back to life.

He supported a very limited government just like most of our
founding fathers in the United States initially intended.

Then I read his book, "Why Government Doesn't Work." Man was this
amazing what he was talking about. Later I read another one of his
books which had very little to do with politics called, "How I
Found Freedom In an Unfree World."

That book has changed and of course improved my life forever. I
highly recommend it to any independent thinking person. It's also a
wonderful help to people trying to go raw.

So who was this mystery candidate? His name is Harry Browne and he
ran for president in 1996 and in 2000 as the Libertarian candidate.
He was the guy I fully supported but he's not the guy I would have
voted for.

My actual support was for the Republican candidates of the time. Of
course, I was very concerned about tax and spend policies that the
Democrats are not shy on admitting.

Eventually a Republican got into office by the name of George Bush.
I was relatively happy and figured he was a conservative. And by
the way Libertarians are fiscally or economically conservative and
socially liberal.

What that really means is they're all for your freedom to choose
but not for the government's ability to enslave you through ever
increasing taxes and ever increasing restrictions to your personal

But I'm getting off track. The reason I supported Republicans was
because they were supposedly the closest in philosophy to the
Libertarian Freedom Principles. But boy did that turn out to be

What most people have no clue about is that George Bush is far more
liberal in his policies than John F. Kennedy was. Yet the
mainstream media is always hyping Kennedy and generally not
supporting Republicans. They try to make Republicans out to be
conservatives but they have strayed so far from conservative
principles it's crazy.

Today's Republican's are far more liberal than most Democrats were
20 years ago. Republican's talk a good game but when they actually
take office they generally don't vote with conservative or Freedom
Principle ideals. They promise one thing and do something else.

How is socializing our 9 largest banks having anything to do with
conservative economic principles? How is bailing out bad businesses
to the tune of $700 billion "plus" a conservative economic policy?

It turns out that George Bush was faking it when he said he was
conservative. What he really is, is a Globalist. What I've
eventually found out is that he is one of a line of many presidents
who underneath it all are not for the people of the United States
but are for the eventual creation of a One World Government.

The European Union is a part of that and what many people don't
know is that we're already moving fast towards a North American
Union. Heck there's even an official U.S. Government website which
shows the agreements made between the leaders of Mexico, Canada and
the United States.

Of course, they don't call it a North American Union. They know how
to use the right words to make people believe this is in our best

We the voters had nothing to do with creating or wanting this
so-called Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. It
has nothing to do with our Constitution. Which by the way is has
been violated thousands of times already.

You can kiss your freedoms goodbye if you vote for either of the
puppets. They're both taking us on a direct route to economic HELL.

Think about this. Who do you think owns the networks and major
newspapers and magazines in the United States? It's just a few
large corporations.

Those corporations are controlling in a unified manner what you
hear and see over the radio and television airwaves.

How for instance did Obama get so much prominence? He really hadn't
done anything to merit him being the top Democratic candidate. Why
did Obama get at least 100 times more media coverage than Ron Paul
during the primaries?

Think about it?

He and McCain were pre-chosen to win the elections. When you
control both candidates from both parties you can't lose the
election. Obama and McCain are nothing more than puppets. You can
ignore any promises they made because they'll say anything to get
into office and when in they'll be largely controlled by their
hidden puppet masters.

Once you understand that, you can comfortably vote for the
candidate you truly believe in. It's no longer wasting your vote.
Your vote can build for the future.

So what if your candidate doesn't win. What if we can give a third
party candidate a much higher percentage of the vote than was
expected? This could give hope for future elections and help to
break us out of this two party system stranglehold.

Unfortunately it's very hard for me to prove to you in this short
email that these candidates are puppets and that both of them work
for the same corporations. With banks being a big part of the
"corporations" that are pulling the puppet strings behind the scenes.

The very banks that are managing to destroy the world economy. And
both candidates supported the irresponsible bailout. That should be
a big clue to you that they are both controlled by the bankers and
huge corporate interests.

But you can prove it to yourself. I'd suggest starting out by
watching this great documentary video that I've recommended many
times in the past.

Freedom to Fascism:

Once you've seen that then read this incredible book that was
discussed in the movie: "The Creature From Jekyll Island," by G.
Edward Griffin. He was one of the experts interviewed in Freedom to

I'm quite sure that after reading that book, you'll truly
understand from a factual and highly referenced basis, that the
mainstream candidates are both nothing more than puppets for the
most powerful people in the world.

People who think of the common man as nothing more than cattle that
they own and can use for their own purposes and send them to be
slaughtered in needless wars.

If you want to venture deeper into the rabbit hole then I have a
whole slew of resources for you under this post:

What is the Real Matrix?

Many of you have joined me in supporting Ron Paul. But it's not Ron
Paul who was important but the Freedom Principles that he stood
for. There is a candidate that you can actually vote for who stands
for freedom principles and his name is Bob Barr the Libertarian
Presidential Candidate.

Ron Paul ran for President in 1988 as the Libertarian Candidate.
Ron Paul's policies and principles are Libertarian. I've been
surprised to find out that many of the people who supported Ron
Paul didn't know these things nor that they had a candidate that
believed in the same basic Freedom Principles in Bob Barr.

So if you were a supporter of Ron Paul but didn't know whom to
choose, consider Bob Barr. At least we know he wasn't bought and
paid for by corporate interests because the media basically ignored

Generally speaking... If you want to know what to do in life, just
do the opposite of what the media tells you to do or tells you is a
fact or is right. The information you're getting is all highly
controlled and designed to enslave you into their Marxist view of
the world.

A view by the way, which easily allows them to control the masses
and do with the world as they please. Marxism or Socialism works
well for them because it gives enormous power to the government to
enslave all of us.

To Our Freedom,

Roger Haeske
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